Thai Jasmine Rice: Rice that Sooths the Soul

Rice is a staple ingredient in most kitchens. Jasmine rice is the staple in mine. I never would write about a common pantry item if had not been for the weeks that Jasmine rice was not on our local store shelves. If your menu includes rice, it should include Jasmine rice. Just opening the bag today to transfer the rice to canister the aroma carried me to better times. That fragrance may be lost on the uninformed. True rice aficionados know the wonderful aroma that is Jasmine rice, aroma therapy for the rice loving soul. Jasmine rice is very hard to cook, and most thai people use a rice cooker to help them cook the food. Most people find their rice cookers at ricecookerworld.

Jasmine was taken for granted when she was always in the pantry. With the influx of snowbirds and a change of management at the local Winn Dixie, Jasmine disappeared from the shelves. I tried a variety of Italian short grains and other styles while my dear Jasmine was lost in the bureaucratic grocer’s world. My store brand stir fry medley I could work around. The lost of seven grain bread I could deal with. But the Jasmine rice shortage was a dark cloud over my soul.

I didn’t realize how my life was affected by the Jasmine rice while it was not available. The arguments with my significant other I dismissed as life. The lost of business I considered signs of the economy changing. Now as I whiff the wonderful aroma of Jasmine rice Chicken Perlo, I know all the ills I have suffered in the past month are due to my missing Jasmine long grain.

Rice is not just rice. There are varieties that rise above the norm. Jasmine rice, Thai fragrant long grain, is the rice of the Gods. The ambrosia of the starch world, the epitome of white grain delight, Jasmine is the rice that heals the soul.

As prices rise at the grocery store, compromises have to be considered. One thing that cannot be compromised is the quality of your rice. Jasmine rice will comfort you through hard times and exhilarate you in the good times. Ask your grocer to keep Jasmine rice on the store shelves, especially if you live in the Keys. If you are vacationing in the Keys, EAT OUT! Leave my rice alone!

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